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Cloud Station Drive Installation Procedure

NAE Challenge on Mini-Bee [FR]


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Step1 : Project implementation

Start instruction

  • Send user list (excel spreadsheet) to your coordinator
  • Receive by email your login information
  • Install the cloud on the project directory (bee-plane-projects, mini-bee-projects, ...) and your university directory
  • Check your work directory, create it on your university directory if it does not exist.
  • Read/sign/scan the license www.beelicense.com and drop it on the server

    Project Implementation

  • Check/Find/Write your project definition sheet (in accordance with your professor)
  • Write a ppt with :
    page 1 : title, team members, name of university, year)
    page 2 : Contexte of your project
    page 3 : Short planning of your project, including final presentation (gant format)
    page 4 : Some technical orientation
    page 5 : Your first questions
    and send it to your project coordinator

    Final Step : Presentation and Communication

  • Final presentation (on powerpoint, or equivalent)
  • Final report (on word, or equivalent)
  • Summary Sheet (in english, with pictures)
    If possible:
  • Post a photo of your team in facebook page : https://fr-fr.facebook.com/beeplane/
  • Submit a page on the bee-plane wiki
  • Post a link to your project report on twitter @Beeplane : https://twitter.com/beeplane
  • Post your video on Youtube BeeplaneTV : https://www.youtube.com/user/beeplanetv

    Music for videos on Bee-Plane and Mini-Bee

    We have a partnership with music site https://www.musicscreen.org/
    Only for videos directly related to beeplane and mini-bee project, we can use their royalty free music.
    Please indicated in your generic : "Music : Hicham Chahidi, www.musicscreen.org"
    And put a clickable link in your video display page to https://www.musicscreen.org/