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Project was launched in jan 2015 to study individual air transportation vehicule. First mock-up was presented durng Paris Air Show in june 2015, it was a success. During 2015 and 2016 multiple universities studied concept and TRL1 was closed in June 2016. Project is entering TRL2 durig summer 2016 with a new hybrid configuration.

Project status:
File:2017 07 13 Mini-Bee Description v9-11.pdf

Configuration for TRL2.

Challenge NAE

video of Challenge : Challenge2017video

Work done during TRL2

TRL2 phase is active.
Please refer to [1] for materials access.

Current universities and schools working on the project

  • Centrale Supelec : aeronautical simulation

File:201706 pres ECP aero.pdf
File:Suivi code 2017 3.0.pdf
File:Guide fonction code Version 1.0 ECP2016.pdf

  • Estaca : Usages and engines

File:Rapport projet 5A Mini Bee intérieur.pdf
File:Masse Coûts approx Mini-Bee version ambulance.xlsx
File:2017 01 24 Planches VIP.pdf
File:Rapport projet Mini-Bee.pdf

File:BEE-PLANE REPORT 2016-2017 ISIEB v2.pdf

  • Estaca SQY 4A : structure

File:RapportdeProjet structure estaca 4A 2017.pdf
File:Soutenance 132F01.pdf
File:Soutenance du 2ème semestre (21F042F2017).pdf

  • Supmeca : Structural and mechanical mock-up

File:SUPMECA FINAL 201706Bourget.pdf
File:Supmeca MotorisationMiniBee 201706Bourget.pdf
File:Mini-Bee Project 2017 - Aerodynamic optimisation.pdf
File:Présentation Mini-Bee optimisation aérodynamique 2017.pdf
File:Mini-bee soutenance2302 final.pdf
File:Rapport Mini-Bee v5-finale.pdf

  • Ensta Bretagne

File:ENSTA Bretagne 201706Bourget.pdf

  • Polito : equipements

File:Final Report Polito 23 02 17.pdf
File:Polito Supmeca presentation 23 02 17.pdf

  • Ensta Bretagne : Scale flying mock-up

  • ENSEA : Human interface

File:ENSEA 201706Bourget.pdf

  • INSA : Seat

File:INSA pres NAE.pdf

  • IUT Le Havre : Tilt

File:IUT LeHavre 201706Bourget.pdf

  • IUT Rouen : capteur et intégration CEM

File:CEM IUT Rouen 201706Bourget.pdf
File:IUT Rouen Capteur 201706Bourget.pdf
File:Présentation24-06-17-2 IUT ROUEN 201706Bourget.pdf

  • IUT Caen : Rotors and optimisation of power chain

File:IUT CAEN PstBgt 201706Bourget.pdf

  • Esitech

File:ESITECH 201706Bourget.pdf

  • Lycée Diderot : rear landing gear

File:Projet Personnelle Mini Bee Sagithan DEVAKUMARAN.pdf
File:Rapport de projet partie personelle SZASZ.pdf File:DIDEROT 201706Bourget.pdf

Mock-Up display

3D mock-up :
3D Mock-up by Hamza Fouatih

Work done during TRL1

Please refer to file server for updated numerical mock-ups and work materials

Work done during TRL0

Past presentations

File:2017 05 30 Mini-Bee Description v9-7.pdf
File:2017 04 10 Mini-Bee Description v9-4.pdf
File:2017 01 25 Mini-Bee Description v9-2.pdf
File:2017 01 25 Mini-Bee Annexes v9-2.pdf
File:2017 01 16 Mini-Bee Description v9-1.pdf
File:2017 01 16 Mini-Bee Short Description v9-1.pdf
File:2016 12 14 Mini-Bee Description v8-14.pdf
File:2016 10 07 Mini-Bee Description v8-8.pdf
File:2016 10 03 Mini-Bee Description v8-6.pdf
File:2016 09 17 Mini-Bee Description v8-4.pdf
File:2016 09 15 Mini-Bee Description v8-3.pdf
File:2016 07 18 Mini-Bee Description v7-3.pptx
File:2016 06 21 Mini-Bee Description v7-2.pdf